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Action Config: Full Compatibility with Instagram Algorithm

Instagram has advanced algorithms that can detect users repeatedly performing the same actions. Therefore, constantly performing the same actions for each sequential post may reduce the interaction rate of your account and cause your limits to be reduced. InstaFly v11.1's action config feature is designed to solve this problem and provide the most efficient interaction. Here's a brief guide to the benefits of this feature and how it works.

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InstaFly v11.0: Bulk Account Management and Panel (SMM) Tools!

The latest version of InstaFly, v11.0, is making a big splash with its groundbreaking features for bulk account management and panel operations. Now, you can manage all your logged-in accounts from a single window, simultaneously! This innovation not only simplifies but also speeds up your social media management.

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Send DM with AI on Instagram

Sending private messages on Instagram is crucial from a marketing perspective. When sending bulk messages, the better the content of the private message, the more positive the response and engagement. With InstaFly v10.7, we have added artificial intelligence support to private message sending. Now, artificial intelligence can write all private message content.

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InstaFly Comment Posting Category Feature

The fact that commenting on Instagram posts increases engagement has become an important topic for those looking to enhance their social media strategies. The category feature in commenting tools stands out as a step ahead in this regard. Here are some ways to further increase your interaction on Instagram with this innovation!

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Instagram Auto-Comment Strategies

Instagram, the social media giant, continues to evolve and provide users with new experiences every day. With these updates, the underlying algorithm also undergoes changes. However, with these changes, automated processes can sometimes become complex. The key to success in automated processes is first to understand the algorithm and then to perform actions in a way that aligns with the algorithm.

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Let AI Write Your Instagram Comments!

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement on Instagram and interact directly with real individuals is through comments. The more unique and relevant your comments are to the content, the more attention and engagement they receive from other users.

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About New Login System

Since Instagram transitioned to META, it has started making significant changes to its infrastructure. Especially after announcing the Account Center, it began making significant changes in various areas, particularly in the login infrastructure.

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Auto-Cancel Pending Instagram Follow Requests with InstaFly

We'd like to inform you about a recent change on Instagram regarding pending follow requests. Instagram now has a panel that displays pending follow requests. Pending follow requests, also known as "follow requests" count towards your account's main limit. For example, if you have 7500 pending requests, you won't be able to follow anyone else, as it reaches the maximum limit of 7500 pending requests. Even though it appears that you're following zero people, attempting to send a new follow request will trigger a notification about reaching the limit.

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Let AI Write Your Instagram Captions!

In recent times, content creation with artificial intelligence has become extremely popular—whether it's generating images, visual descriptions, tags, or even videos. To catch up with this trend, we have introduced the ChatGPT language model to InstaFly v9.4. This model is designed to write post descriptions for you, including tags.

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InstaFly v9.2 Sürümü Yayınlandı

Önceki sürümlerde Reels videoların önemini, TikTok ve YouTube Shorts üzerinden direkt link ile Reels videosu paylaşabileceğinizin geliştirmelerini sizlerle aktarmıştık. Geliştirdiğimiz InstaFly v9.2 sürümünde ise TikTok ve YouTube Shorts videolarını zamanlama özelliği ile birlikte çok fazla yenilik ekledik. Birçok aracımızda işlemlerinizi kolaylaştıracak geliştirmeler yaptık.

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