Discover! Meet the world's best and most advanced X (Twitter) tool with which you can manage Twitter completely automatically!

Social media management is no longer a challenging task. TwitFly offers an effective solution to strengthen your brand's presence and connect with your target audience.

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About XFly

XFly (TwitFly) v5.5 General Features

With XFly (TwitFly), you will have World's most advanced Twitter (X) software. XFly (TwitFly) is an advanced Twitter auto-management software with over 30 different tools, each offering unique functionalities.

Enhance your profiles, organically grow your presence, and reach the widest audience effortlessly with XFly (TwitFly).

What Can You Do with XFly (TwitFly)?

  • XFly (TwitFly) helps you easily and quickly perform all essential tasks on Twitter.
  • Secure and Advanced Following Operations (Follow)
  • Secure and Detailed Unfollowing Operations (Unfollow)
  • Scheduled Tweet Tools and Advanced Spam Management
  • Advanced Actions on User Tweets (Like, Retweet, Comment) with Custom Settings
  • Advanced Actions on Home Timeline Tweets (Like, Retweet, Comment)
  • Advanced Actions on Trending Topic Tweets (Like, Retweet, Comment)
  • Advanced Actions on Hashtag Tweets (Like, Retweet, Comment)
  • Direct Message Sending
  • Automatic Reply to Direct Messages
  • Inbox Message Viewing and Deletion
  • Instant Tweet Sharing
  • Tweet Deletion by Categorization
  • Detailed Scraping Tools
  • Tweet Sharing via RSS
  • Automatic Tweet Posting and Responding to Tweets with ChatGPT Infrastructure

What Benefits Does XFly (TwitFly) Offer?

XFly (TwitFly) will benefit you by automating all actions on Twitter.
This allows you to organically grow your page, advertise your page with Automation Tools featuring advanced filters, and automatically send tweets. TwitFly mimics the Twitter mobile application and operations exactly like a real user, providing authenticity to all your actions.

Can I Trust XFly (TwitFly)? Are My Account Details Stored?

Your Twitter account details are absolutely not stored in any of our databases. All connections within TwitFly are verified with two security certificates (2048 Bit SSL and 4096 Bit Code Signing), and communication is established through certificate checks. The Code Signing certificate is verified and approved by the SSL.com company.


Each tool is meticulously developed with a high level of detail within its own context. You can customize each tool in various ways, down to the finest details.
If you have any questions or inquiries about our XFly (TwitFly) software, feel free to ask us through our Contact Page.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum Windows 7 SP1 and above Operating System (Works only on Windows operating systems.)
  • 1 GB RAM and above
  • 30 MB HDD

Note: Limits and rules are determined by Twitter. If you attempt to perform actions that are incorrect or exceed the limits, your account may be temporarily blocked, and your ability to perform actions may be restricted. This situation is not related to TwitFly. Similar actions on a mobile phone can yield the same results. Speed and limits may vary from account to account. All responsibility lies with the user.

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