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About InstaFly

About InstaFly v11.2


Get instant access to the world's most advanced Instagram tool with InstaFly!
InstaFly is an unparalleled, feature-rich Instagram tool with over 100 tools, offering limitless potential and highly detailed capabilities.

Now you can rapidly and securely grow your Instagram accounts, increase organic engagement, and reach wide audiences. Discover InstaFly on the path to success on Instagram!

InstaFly General Features

Usage Unlimited Accounts
- InstaFly does not impose account limits like other software. You can use InstaFly on unlimited Instagram accounts.

Multi-Language Support
- You can use InstaFly in English and Turkish.

Advanced Spam Algorithms
- InstaFly features a proprietary spam algorithm developed by Socifly. It mimics all your actions on Instagram as if they were performed by a real user, sending them to Instagram's. It even sends your touch gestures and locations to Instagram.

Mobile and Web Version Support
- InstaFly emulates a virtual Android device and all operations are performed through the latest Android devices.
- It contains over 200 of the latest smart device models and is constantly updated. Each logged-in account is assigned a different device. The device's ID, SIM number, and IMEI number are completely unique.
- Additionally, it supports the option to perform operations through the latest browser version.

Pool, Blacklist, and Whitelist Support
- InstaFly adds every user you follow to the pool. In this way, you will not send a request again to a person you have sent a request to. This actively protects you from spam.
- With blacklist support, it never sends requests to users you add to the blacklist.
- With whitelist support, users you add to the whitelist will not be unfollowed or deleted from your follower list.

Spy Account Support
- With spy account support, you can easily take action on users who have blocked you or on anonymous users you do not want to follow.
- When the spy account feature is activated, all navigation is done through the spy account. Actions are made through the account you log in to.

Proxy Support
- With IPv4 and IPv6 proxy support, you can connect from any IP you want.

Bulk Account Management Support
- You can log in to your accounts bulk and perform all transactions in all your accounts at the same time with a single click.
- You can send mass follows, likes, comments and DMs to all accounts you are logged into, just like a panel.
- You can repost an image or video on your computer, or an Instagram post, TikTok or YouTube Shorts video on all your accounts at the same time.
- You can update the full name, username, biography and profile picture of your accounts collectively.

Location Support
- You can add the latitude and longitude values of a location you want, and interact with users close to you through hashtag (#hashtag) and location operations.

Gender System Support
- You can filter your actions by gender with our advanced algorithm within local name files, or you can perform your actions by filtering the gender you want thanks to the GenderAPI we developed.

Statistics Support
- InstaFly saves your every entry. It stores post, follow and follower counts from the first day to the last day. This way, you can track your development and growth.

Schedule Support
- You can start all vehicles automatically at the time you want, stop them automatically at the time you want, have the operations done for the period of time you want, wait for the time you want after the operations are completed, and then repeat the operations automatically.

Common Password Support
- You can give your Instagram account to an InstaFly user to manage it without giving your password, thanks to shared password support.

Security Certificate Support
- Your connection between InstaFly and Instagram is made through a 2048 bit SSL certificate and works with instant verification. It is technically impossible for your password to be stolen, visible or discovered by malicious users. Additionally, the passwords of your Instagram accounts are never recorded on our servers.

Background Support
- All tools you launch have the Minimize feature. While you are doing your actions on your computer, InstaFly silently grows your Instagram account in the background. It will never bother you if you don't want it to.

Actions You Can Do with InstaFly

Follow Actions
- You can automatically follow users who follow users, those who follow users, those who like users' posts, those who comment on users' posts, those who like comments on users' posts, users in discovery, and users who last shared on the hashtag (#hashtag) and location.
- You can automatically follow back users who follow you.
- You can collectively approve or delete all follow requests coming to your profile. You can send private messages individually to users you approve.

Unfollow Actions
- You can unfollow people you follow in bulk.
- By creating your own list, you can directly unfollow the users you want.
- You can unfollow users who do not follow you with a single click.
- You can withdraw your pending follow requests in bulk.

Follower Removing and Blocking Actions
- You can bulk delete your unwanted followers, bot followers assigned to your account, and users who do not interact.
- You can mass block all users you added as a list or individually.

Like Actions
- You can like the posts on your homepage either in the default listing or from new to old.
- You can like the posts in your discovery, reels videos, posts on tags (#hashtag) and locations according to the newest posts.
- You can like users' latest posts as many times as you want and join like groups.
- You can like all posts where users are tagged.
- You can see all the posts you like, and you can unlike all of them.
- You can also see all the posts you have saved, and you can stop saving all of them.
- You can directly check who liked and disliked a post.
- You can like the latest posts of the users you follow in tracking tools.

Comment Actions
- You can post comments on all posts shared on your homepage, either in the default listing or from new to old. With our improved tools, you can be the first to comment when users you want share.
- You can comment on the posts in your discovery, reels videos, posts on the tag (#hashtag) and location, according to the newest posts.
- You can comment on all posts in which users are tagged.
- You can instantly like all comments made on your posts and respond to all comments as you wish.
- You can constantly comment on a post in a link you want. In this way, you can participate in sweepstakes and tag users collectively.
- If you want, you can have all your comments related to the exact post made by artificial intelligence using the ChatGPT or Google Gemini infrastructure.

Automated Interaction Actions
- You can create completely automatic interaction with a single tool.
- You can establish automatic interactions by creating scenarios such as follow back, like as many recent posts as you want, watch their stories, like their stories, like their comment, send a private message, etc. depending on the interaction you receive, such as if you are followed, if your post is liked, if your post is commented on, if you are tagged in a post.

Direct Message Actions (DM)
- You can send mass text messages, picture posts or direct Instagram posts to the users you want.
- You can send automatic text messages or picture posts to users who follow you.
- You can automatically reply to private messages you receive based on the message content.
- You can give the desired response to the private messages you receive by adding personality to ChatGPT or Google Gemini.
- You can see your inbox and pending messages.
- You can automatically confirm or delete your pending messages.
- You can delete messages in your inbox one by one or in bulk.
- You can message any user you want in your inbox.

Post and Story Actions
- You can download the posts of the users you want, the posts you discovered, the posts on the hashtag (#hashtag) and location, the reels videos of the users you want, the post in the direct Instagram post link, the stories of the users you want (including the highlights) with their highest quality descriptions to your computer.
- You can instantly share posts, reels, albums and stories.
- You can tag a group of users in the stories you share.
- You can instantly share posts via Instagram, TikTok or YouTube Shorts. (Repost)
- You can share instant stories via TikTok or YouTube Shorts. (Story Repost)
- You can schedule a TikTok or YouTube Shorts post with advanced post, reels, album, story and link.
- You can collectively share all the pictures and videos in a folder on your computer by setting different descriptions.
- You can view the stories of users on your homepage or those you want, and you can like their stories in bulk.
- You can open a live broadcast from your computer with OBS support.
- You can bulk update or delete all descriptions on your posts.
- You can delete or archive your posts in bulk.
- You can restore or unarchive the posts you deleted in bulk.
- You can collectively hide likes on your posts, turn off or undo comments.
- With ChatGPT and Google Gemini artificial intelligence support, you can create a unique Instagram description in the language you want and in the settings you want.

Panel Actions (SMM Panel)
- You can follow target profiles simultaneously with all accounts you are logged in to.
- You can bulk like desired Instagram posts at the same time with all the accounts you are logged in to.
- You can send random or artificial intelligence-supported comments to any Instagram post at the same time with all the accounts you are logged in to.
- You can bulk send any private message you want to the target profiles you want, with all the accounts you are logged in to.
- You can share an image or video on your computer to all your logged in accounts at the same time. Or you can Repost (re-share) an Instagram post, TikTok video, YouTube Shorts video by adding a direct link.
- You can randomly update the bulk names, usernames, biographies and profile pictures of all the accounts you are logged into.

- You can save the users who follow the user (followers), the users who followed the user, the users who tagged the user in the post, the users who fell into your discovery, the users who shared with the tag (#hashtag) and location, the users who shared in a voice you want, the users who liked the post, the users who commented on the post.
- You can save the public phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the profiles of users who share hashtags (#hashtags) and locations.
- You can save the most active users whose username contains a word you want.
- You can save all users who sent you messages and who have messaged you.
- You can save users who viewed your story.
- You can save the users who interact with you the most.
- You can save the followers you interact with the least or the users you follow with whom you interact the least.
- You can delete invalid users in the lists sent to you or downloaded, and you can edit the users with the list tools.
- Thanks to the Cloud List feature, you can create lists and easily share your list with any InstaFly user you want. If you want, you can put a password on your list.

- You can make your profile visible or hidden.
- You can change your profile picture.
- You can change the biography on your profile.
- You can add, delete or update links to your profile.
- You can instantly see your notifications in the small windows that appear in the lower right corner.
- You can add, delete and update users in your close friend list.
- Skip Hidden / Public Users in all actions, Skip Male / Female Users, Skip Those Who Follow Me / Those Who Do Not Follow Me, Skip Users I Follow / Users I Do Not Follow, Skip Users whose Last Post Was X Hours Ago, Number of Posts, Followers and Following is X Number You can specify criteria such as Skip Users Below or Above, Skip My Close Friends, Skip Users I've Requested Before. This way you can make adjustments to the extreme.
- You can follow current Instagram rules and limits via InstaFly.

System requirements
- Minimum Windows 7 Service Pack or higher operating system. (Only works on Windows operating system.)
- 1 GB or more RAM.

Grow your Instagram accounts, increase interaction and reach large audiences with InstaFly. InstaFly is a candidate to be the key to your success!

Information: Limits and rules are determined by Instagram. If you try to make a action incorrectly or over the limit, your account may be temporarily blocked and your action may be restricted. This is not affiliated with InstaFly. The same actions on the phone can produce the same results. Speeds and limits vary from account to account. All responsibility lies with the user.

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