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About ThsFly

ThsFly v1.2 General Features

With ThsFly, you will have World's most advanced Threads Tool. ThsFly is the most advanced Threads Tool in World, encompassing over 40 different tools, each with the most detailed features.

Enhance your profiles, organically grow your presence, and reach the widest audience effortlessly with ThsFly.

Follow List

Follow previously created lists with the option to limit profile features during follow operations (e.g., do not follow private users, users without profile pictures, users who follow me, etc.).

Auto-Follow Users Followers

Auto-Follow all users following a chosen Threads user with detailed options.

Auto-Follow Users Followings

Auto-Follow all users followed by a chosen Threads user with detailed options.


Auto-Unfollow all users you follow by specifying option, such as users who do not follow you.

Auto-Cancel Pending Follow Requests

Easily auto-cancel pending follow requests that you have sent but haven't been accepted or declined yet.

Auto-Follow Users Liking or Commented via Link or Username:

Auto-Follow users who liked or Commented to a conversation directly via a Threads link or follow users who liked or responded to all posts of a specific user.

Auto-Accept Pending Follow Requests:

Auto-Accept or reject follow requests received on your profile.

Auto-Remove Followers

Auto-remove unwanted or bot followers from your account.

Auto-Block Users:

Auto-Block users either in bulk or individually.

Auto-Follow, Like Chats, Comment, and Reshare on Your Homepage:

Auto-Follow users, like conversations, comments, and reshare on your Threads homepage with detailed restrictions.

Automatic Comments with ChatGPT:

Provide automatic, fully AI-supported responses to conversations using the ChatGPT

Auto-Follow Users of the Latest Posts, Like Chats, Comment, and Reshare:

Auto-Follow users from recent posts with detailed restrictions, like each conversation, and provide different comments for each. Additionally, you can limit each user based on reply and like counts.

Auto-Follow Users Liking or Commenting to Chats:

Auto-Follow users who liked or responded to a conversation with detailed restrictions, regardless of whether the conversation is private or not.

List Liked Chats:

List all the conversations you've liked, and unfollow users, if desired.


Scrape all the above features in the form of lists for future planned use.

Instantly Share New Conversations:

Instantly share new conversations or share conversation queues all at once. You can also share visual and 4K-supported videos in your conversations.

Schedule Future Conversations:

Schedule future conversations either in bulk or individually. You can also add additional visuals and videos to your conversations.

Chat Sharing with ChatGPT AI Support:

Share conversations automatically in an unlimited manner on any topic, at any time interval, with full AI support from ChatGPT.

Delete Conversations, Reshares, and Quotes:

Delete your conversations, reshares, or quotes in bulk based on specific criteria.

AI-Supported Conversation Generation:

Use ChatGPT to create the conversation you want to share.

AI-Supported Conversation Replies:

Provide automatic responses to replies to your conversations using the ChatGPT.

Hide, Make Visible, Edit Profile:

Optionally hide or make your profile visible. You can also update your biography, profile picture, and URL.

Pool System:

With pool system, you won't send another request to someone you've already sent a request to.

Gender-Based Separation:

Separate all follow, like, comment, and list operations by gender.

Spin Creation Tool:

Utilize the spin feature during the conversation or reply stage to send unique messages in different combinations of the same words.

Unlimited Usage on Threads Accounts:

Use the ThsFly tool on your Threads account without any specific limits.


Each tool is meticulously crafted with detailed settings within. You can customize each tool in various ways down to the finest details. If you have any questions or inquiries about our ThsFly software, feel free to ask us through our Contact Page.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum Windows 7 SP1 and above Operating System (Works only on Windows operating systems.)
  • 1 GB RAM and above
  • 30 MB HDD

Note: Limits and rules are determined by Instagram. If you attempt to perform actions that are incorrect or exceed the limits, your account may be temporarily blocked, and your ability to perform actions may be restricted. This situation is not related to ThsFly. Similar actions on a mobile phone can yield the same results. Speed and limits may vary from account to account. All responsibility lies with the user.

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