XFly v5.4 Update: Proxy Tab Added to Follow Actions

1/16/2024, 4:31:35 PM 347

Today we would like to inform you about the exciting update of XFly v5.4. This update stands out with the new Proxy Tab added to the Tracking Operations tools. So, what is the Proxy Tab and what does it do?

The daily follow limit set by Twitter is 400. However, if you want to increase this limit and track more, there is a little trick. Limits on Twitter are determined by location. For this reason, when you start the first transaction with a Turkey IP and continue with a Vietnam-located IP, you can increase your daily tracking limit to 800.

At this point, the Proxy tab comes into play and offers you extra opportunities. You can double your daily tracking limit with the proxies you add. For example, after 395 transactions of a transaction you started with Turkey IP, you can automatically reach 800 daily follow-ups with the Vietnam IP you added by activating the setting in the Proxy tab.

An important point to remember is that whatever IP you started the first transaction with, you must continue the transaction with the same IP the next day.

Additionally, it is important that you remember to fully comply with the rules and limits in the Settings & Help > Rules and Limits tool on XFly in all your transactions.

We continue to further develop our software by taking into account your suggestions, complaints and requests. Please feel free to share your feedback with us. 😊😊

As the socifly family, we wish you many interactive and successful days. 😍

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