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3/5/2024, 12:35:11 AM 199

Sending private messages on Instagram is crucial from a marketing perspective. When sending bulk messages, the better the content of the private message, the more positive the response and engagement. With InstaFly v10.7, we have added artificial intelligence support to private message sending. Now, artificial intelligence can write all private message content.

With the artificial intelligence support added to the private message sending tool in InstaFly v10.7, all your private messages will be unique and more personalized. This will reduce spam rates and increase message focus.

To activate the artificial intelligence feature that comes with InstaFly v10.7, you first need to add an OpenAI or Google Gemini API Key and specify a prompt in the DM Actions > Private Message AI Settings tool. You should detail what you want from artificial intelligence in the prompt. The better you explain your needs to the artificial intelligence, the better the message content it will create for you.


After configuring your settings, simply type %AI% in the message content section under the Text Message tab in the Bulk DM Sending Tool. Additionally, if you want the artificial intelligence to mention the recipient's username, you can add @%username% to the prompt. When you run the tool, artificial intelligence will generate and send all your messages.

Artificial intelligence produces almost every message differently. Diversified content reduces spam rates and increases successful delivery numbers.

After testing this feature, we look forward to hearing your valuable feedback. ❤️Your opinions matter to us.

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