Reason Will Now Be Written in Instagram Follow Requests

1/21/2024, 8:09:28 PM 458

Instagram, the social media giant that stands out with millions of users around the world, constantly takes important steps to improve user experience. Recently, it has been working on a new feature to meet the expectations of users who care about privacy.

The screenshot shared by mobile application expert Alessandro Paluzzi reveals this new feature developed by Instagram. Now, when users want to follow someone, they will have to specify a reason when sending this request. However, at this point, it remains unclear whether users will write a private message for the follow request or choose one of the available options. Having a similar feature on the LinkedIn platform may increase Instagram's competitiveness in this field.


With this new feature, it is aimed to create more personal and qualified interactions between Instagram users. This feature, especially introduced for users using private accounts, emphasizes the privacy-oriented approach of the platform. Although it is currently unclear when it will be available for general access, it is expected to be available to users in the coming months.

Also noteworthy is the change in the feature of zooming in on the profile photo. Now users will be able to disable the zooming of their profile photo if they wish. This feature is an important update for users who are sensitive about privacy.

What do you think about these new features of Instagram? You can use the comment section below to share your opinions and thoughts with us.

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2/15/2024, 3:09:18 AM

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