Let AI Write Your Instagram Comments!

6/12/2023, 4:47:27 PM 616

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement on Instagram and interact directly with real individuals is through comments. The more unique and relevant your comments are to the content, the more attention and engagement they receive from other users.

With the ChatGPT framework integrated into InstaFly version 9.7, the Artificial Intelligence-powered comment feature frees you from making generic comments and allows you to write realistic comments for every piece of content. ChatGPT, which generates comments completely relevant to the content and personalized to your liking, is believed to be an indispensable feature for comment tools.

To activate the feature introduced in InstaFly version 9.7, you first need to enter the OpenAI Key and prompt from the Bulk Operation Tools > Comment Submission Artificial Intelligence Settings menu. The settings are opened with a prompt defined by us, but you can personalize it, giving it different language and writing styles. You can even tag different pages by adding a sentence like "tag me with @page" at the end of each comment.


After making your settings, the comment line you need to use for the artificial intelligence to comment on all commenting tools with InstaFly v9.7 is determined as %yayyayZeka%. When you type %yayyayZeka% instead of comment in the comment panel, artificial intelligence's content-related comments will be sent to the comments of the posts. You can see the usage example in the image below;

Since the comments made are completely related to the content and completely unique, your spam risk on Instagram will decrease significantly, and your limits will increase greatly as your interactions related to the comments increase.

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6/30/2023, 4:01:06 PM

Bu harikaymış. Tek kelime ile mükemmel.

7/3/2023, 7:34:50 AM

instafly zamanında 100 tlydi ama uzun aradan sonra kontrol ettiğimde bu kadar geliştiğini hiç fark etmedim. İş yapan insanların almalarını özellikle tavsiye ediyorum.

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