Let AI Write Your Instagram Captions!

3/29/2023, 3:10:19 AM 415

In recent times, content creation with artificial intelligence has become extremely popular—whether it's generating images, visual descriptions, tags, or even videos. To catch up with this trend, we have introduced the ChatGPT language model to InstaFly v9.4. This model is designed to write post descriptions for you, including tags.

This feature, using the ChatGPT language model, is available under the "AI Post Description Generation" section in the Post & Story Tools menu. Through this tool, you can generate unlimited descriptions for your posts in a popular and engaging language, based on the details you provide.

To use the tool, you need to obtain an API Key from the OpenAI website. You can access the link through the tool, sign up on the OpenAI website, and directly obtain your API Key to start using it for free.

The tool can generate descriptions in any language and on any topic, of any length you desire. You just need to express what you want. 🙂

Excitingly, you can expect to see many AI-related tools in InstaFly and all our other software soon. We are thrilled about this development. ❤️

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