Instagram Paid Verified Waiting List Form

2/25/2023, 7:09:15 PM 869

A few days ago, Meta announced the paid blue tick (Meta Verified) feature. Additionally, they have started testing the paid blue tick subscription in Australia and New Zealand. In a short time, they will open the blue tick subscription for all countries, ensuring that all users can benefit from it.

To be informed in advance when it arrives in our country, there is a Meta Verified Waiting List form. By filling out this form, you can receive notifications the moment the paid blue tick subscription (Meta Verified) becomes available.

To access the link:

Choose the platform (Instagram & Facebook or Both) for which you want to receive advance notification as the Account Type. Fill out the other information according to your preferences and submit the form.

Afterwards, you will receive an informational email from Meta, confirming your registration on the list. You will also receive further notifications when the paid Meta Verified subscription starts in our country.

Additionally, when it becomes available in our country, we will feature articles on our blog.

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Ahmed Yaman Tarakçı
7/26/2023, 1:17:03 PM

Hocam hala bekliyorum abone olmak istiyorum

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