Instagram Auto-Comment Strategies

11/29/2023, 2:22:03 AM 562

Instagram, the social media giant, continues to evolve and provide users with new experiences every day. With these updates, the underlying algorithm also undergoes changes. However, with these changes, automated processes can sometimes become complex. The key to success in automated processes is first to understand the algorithm and then to perform actions in a way that aligns with the algorithm.

One of the most important features of InstaFly is the ability to send a large number of comments automatically, in line with the latest algorithm. We have been testing this feature for a while and achieved very successful results, and we want to share these results with you.

In the past, we recommended fast execution of each action, suggesting keeping the durations short. However, in the latest changes to the algorithm, we noticed that fast actions can now be easily detected. Therefore, slowing down your actions a bit will be the first step in achieving the desired result. The durations we used in our own tests are as follows:

  • Action Duration: Between 30 - 90 seconds.
  • Wait 30 seconds after every 3 actions. These durations are the ones we tested with multiple accounts and obtained the highest efficiency. You can find your own durations by testing. Our only recommendation is to perform actions slowly.

Additionally, we used to advise against performing multiple actions simultaneously. We used to suggest doing one action and then moving on to the next. Now, when sending comments, we strongly recommend also liking the post. We observed that liking along with commenting significantly increases the number of actions. Also, remember that liking can contribute positively to your account by increasing interactions.

Adding a larger number of different comments to your comment list, instead of just 1 or 2 comments, is also among the important option of the algorithm. Constantly sending the same comments can be detected very quickly. Additionally, if your comments are deleted or marked as spam by the other party, Instagram does not allow you to send the same comment multiple times. For this, we recommend adding variables to the ends of your comments. Here are the variables you can use:

  • Random Number: %number(5)%
  • Random Character: %char(5)%
  • Random Emoji: %emoji(10)%
  • Username: %username%
  • Full name in the profile: %fullname%

    You can use these variables by changing the numbers in parentheses to create variables of the length you want. For example, writing %emoji(4)% will create 4 random emojis side by side. Or writing %char(6)% will create a 6-digit random character sequence.

We have shared the tips for your automatic comment posting actions according to Instagram's latest changing algorithm. By sharing the durations and tips you have succeeded in your own tests, we can support each other in this dynamic process.

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