About New Login System

4/23/2023, 1:09:17 AM 674

Since Instagram transitioned to META, it has started making significant changes to its infrastructure. Especially after announcing the Account Center, it began making significant changes in various areas, particularly in the login infrastructure.

With InstaFly v9.5, we have added an option called "New Login System." This feature allows login through the Account Center, which is present in the latest versions of Instagram. Currently, Instagram performs the first login on all devices through this area. To mitigate the risk of Instagram closing the old login method in the future, this feature can be used after InstaFly v9.5.

On the first login screen, by selecting the "Use New Login System" option, you can log in to your account through the Account Center and continue your operations on the latest version. This feature is currently being used as BETA. We kindly request you to share any errors that may occur when you log in. ­čÖő

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─░smail Y─░LMAZ
5/11/2023, 12:16:56 AM

Elinize sa─čl─▒k otomatik etkile┼čim arac─▒na limit getirebilir misiniz? ├Ârne─čin 150 i┼člemden sonra dursun

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